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EXPERT DOUBLE FIGURES is a funny improvisation theatre game and must have in any drama repertoire. Players must react to the addition of arms in their developing improvisation. It can be played with advanced older elementary (primary) students but is better for middle to high school students with some improv skills. 

​How to play expert double figures



  • This is an improv scene that is played with 4 players (2 players play the arms and 2 players play the characters).


How to play this theatre game:

  • 4 players take the stage. Two players are allocated the roles of the ‘arms’, one
    student is the ‘interviewer’ and one student is the ‘expert’.

  • The interviewer and expert sit on a chair next to each other and put their arms
    behind their backs. The ‘arms’ kneel behind the chairs and put their arms through the gap between the bodies of the two players in the chairs. The effect is that the arms of the interviewer and expert are played by the other two players.

  • The interviewer welcomes the audience to the show and introduces an expert guest who is “here to talk about....” The expert discusses their strange expertise and them interviewer asks questions.

  • The arms must work with their partners, reacting to the dialogue and making appropriate gestures with their hands.


  • Choose a confident player for the interviewer role the first time. The interviewer is important to keep the scene moving along. This should be explained to them before the game starts.


  • Encourage students to get out of their chairs and take their ‘arms’ with them.

Expert ideas

  • Expert on snail racing

  • Expert at doing the 'chicken dance'

  • Expert at cactus growing

  • Expert at staring contests

  • Expert of aliens

  • Expert of bells

  • Expert of Christmas tree decorating

This improv theatre game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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