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Get your drama game on with these fun-filled most awesome collection of drama, theatre and improv games and prompts. Here you'll find original drama, theatre and improv games, classics, twists and more prompts than you could ever use to help your students create theatre magic! Want your students to embrace improv and get their creative out? These are the activities where it all starts. Bring even the quietest students out of their shell and challenge your drama queens to create complex characters and nuance - I've had classes of all types of students chanting for more challenges with a mix of what's available here.

These drama, theatre and improv resources are great for:

  • Drama / Theatre games

  • Improv games and ideas

  • Last minute activities

  • Creative writing

  • Performance skills

  • Warm Ups / Drama Starters

  • Lesson Planning

  • On-the-spot prompts

  • Scene Inspiration / Starters

  • Storytelling

  • Substitute Activities

  • Auditions / Rehearsals

  • English Activities

  • Role Play

  • Scriptwriting