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These printable forbidden word scenes improv game prompt cards come with 53 forbidden word scene ideas and instructions to play the game.


If you're like me, some days you just can't think of creative scene prompts or ideas for your drama or theatre class games and activities. This is a great on the spot improv game with instructions to challenge more advanced students.


Example forbidden word scenes:

  • Scene: At the beach. Forbidden words: water, swim, sand, sun, ocean, towel, hot
  • Scene: Hospital emergency. Forbidden words: doctor, nurse, patient, any body parts of injuries.


For a challenging to a classic drama game, you could try using this resource with the drama game ONE WORD AT A TIME STORY!




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Within each Drama Card set from Drama Trunk you will find prompts suitable for various levels (beginner to advanced) and age groups and I suggest having a quick flick through before the class and taking out more advanced or beginner prompts (depending on the class and year level). Most are suitable for all of t