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BIG BAD WOLF Character Machine Drama Circle

Character Machine Drama Circles are a perfect way to explore a story and characters in a whole class guided (scripted) performance. This BIG BAD WOLF Character Machine (Drama Circle) comes with 31 printable drama circle acting script cards with instructions and script for your junior kids to perform the story in a fun and energetic way. Students develop speaking and listening skills with this adaptation of the classic drama machines activity. A perfect way for primary / elementary students to delve into characters and combine reading practice with performing (Reader’s Theatre) - your students will love it!


This Character Machine Drama Circle includes:

  • Printable Drama Circle Acting Script Cards (students are given a card to perform in sequence to tell a story. The Character Machine Cards provide an instruction on when and how to say each line and a short line (script) for each student to perform when it’s their turn)
  • Teacher Instructions (including how to enhance the drama activity and further activities + ideas to adapt the character machine)
  • Instructions to bring in whole class chorus elements to the performance!


Older students? The content / lines of the script are simple enough for younger students but drama machines are also super fun for older students who can play around with pace, character, delivery. They are an energetic activity for older students (and younger) - perfect for an end of lesson activity.


***ENGLISH / LITERACY TEACHERS: This drama circle activity is based on 'The 3 Little Pigs' will work beautifully alongside and enhance your elementary English curriculum. It is a fun and energetic way to approach reader's theatre and explore the story in a whole new way so why not add some drama to your English lessons?




"This is an amazing resource! Everything is clear and ready to go. Drama Trunk quickly became my go to shop for activities last year and I never regret a purchase. :)"


"I have recently been asked to teach drama, with no personal drama training. The children have loved all Drama Trunk activities and have told me drama is the best part of their day. These activities are quick to produce (print, laminate and cut) and great fun to use. I have been laughing as much as the children. Fantastic!"


"Used this with a drama class- students loved it- lots of fun!"


"Love love love drama circles. I *think* we can still do these in the fall....we’ll just make a really big circle!"


"The students really enjoyed this lesson! Thank you!"


"A must buy!! My kids absolutely LOVE this resource!! Thank you!"


"I loved this, thank you! 3rd and 4th grade had a blast! "


"simple, great for younger, more inexperienced students"


"Fun last-minute activity for my Drama elective. Good practice for voices, gestures, speed, and volume."


"Great intro activity for character and voice"


"This activity has been SO MUCH FUN with my 2nd graders. I'm a big fan of anything made by Drama Trunk. It's all user friendly and well designed. I will continue to be a steady customer!"


"Looks great! Clear instructions will make teaching this easy."


"Fantastic. I am going to use these, then allow students to investigate, collaborate, then create their own props/background for the story. Thank you!"


"Great for improving literacy in the English classroom."


"Lot's of fun, kids loved it! *This is a super great resource to have in a sub bag too, for those lessons that finish too quickly!"


"The drama circle is a great way to include all the students and expose them to vocal and body expression for characters. Thanks for creating a great resource."


"My students enjoyed doing the activity. I liked it because the wording wasn't too challenging for my second graders and not too "boring" for my 4th graders."


You can find more drama lesson plans, drama games and more for primary and elementary kids HERE! You can find more drama lesson plans, drama games and more for teens (middle school and high school) HERE!

BIG BAD WOLF Character Machine Drama Circle


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    Full terms of purchase and use can be found here

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