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Elementary students explore the story of Jack and the Beanstalk through guided drama activities. Includes a whole class drama script for an end of unit performance (rehearse the play throughout the unit or work on it separately at the end). NO PREP REQUIRED! This curriculum aligned drama unit for elementary has 5 x 60 minute detailed lesson plans with extension and differentiation activities. A perfect and engaging way to explore a well loved story with a performance script (also useable as Reader's Theater).



  • 5 x 60 Minute Detailed Lesson Plans based on Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Whole Class Performance Script (Readers Theater) with detailed teachers version (including staging ideas) and student version. The script has plenty of chorus and individual lines. Find out more about the WHOLE CLASS SCRIPT
  • Drama Script for kids to use during the unit
  • Mime Cards
  • Additional and Extension Activities


KEY DRAMA VOCABULARY: Mime. Drama. Movement. Freeze. Voice. Characters. Pretend. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Scene. Rhythm. Gestures. Adjective.


DRAMA UNIT AIMS: Students explore the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ through guided drama activities. Students develop drama skills: creating, responding and performing throughout various guided drama experiences. The unit works towards the performance of a whole class short play of Jack and the Beanstalk (script provided with detailed directions) where students use the skills they have learnt and draw on the drama activities they have participated in to present a performance! (or just do the unit) Students:

  • Invent, describe and inhabit an imaginary world
  • Identify and make character choices
  • Create story ideas
  • Use improvisation to explore elements of the story
  • Put themselves in someone else’s shoes and reflect on characters
  • Respond to directions
  • Use voice, movement and gesture to convey meaning
  • Collaborate with peers to create scenes and contribute ideas
  • Interpret a story
  • Contribute to guided drama experiences


***NOTE: you can use your favourite version of the story for this unit. You can find Jack and the Beanstalk on Amazon or The Book Depository.


***ENGLISH / LITERACY TEACHERS: These drama lesson activities based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' will work beautifully alongside and enhance your elementary English curriculum. The drama lessons are designed and set out in such a way as to span across multiple lessons and compliment English curriculum - following elements of the story and story themes. So why not add some drama to your English lessons? Your students will love it and enjoy and explore the story in a whole new way!!!




"Very detailed instructions and includes a variety of activities/games to get students engaged in drama class. Great resource for those of us who are new to the subject. I'm looking forward to using this with my coverage classes this year! "


"I started using this resource yesterday and already the kids are loving it. We only get 40 mins per period so we haven't finished the first lesson yet but the kiddos were instantly engaged and participating. Yay!"


"I have just finished this unit with my Year 1 and 2 classes. The kids LOVED it and so did I. It was so easy to follow and absolutely no prep required. I have also used the Hansel and Gretel unit. These are both the best resources I have used this year. Thank you so very much for your hard work."


"II really love the variety in the lessons. Also, they require very little preparation."


"My Grade 3 drama students loved this resource."


"Thank you. A great and easy to use unit."


"This unit has been so amazing!"


"A great complete drama unit with activities and script!"


"Great drama unit for Saskatchewan Curriculum"


"Very thorough lesson plans that have activities that are totally transferrable to other skits/plays you may want to do."


"This play was a total success. The children and the audience loved it! I still get compliments about it the year after we performed it!"


"Thank you. Love your resources!!"


"Very good unit and helpful for term planning, great resource!"


"I loved the amount of guidance given for a newbie Drama teacher. Awesome resource! Thanks"


You can find more drama lesson plans, drama games and more for primary and elementary kids HERE!



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    Full terms of purchase and use can be found here

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