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This is a detailed, curriculum aligned PHYSICAL THEATRE Drama Unit which provides you with 5 x 100 minute drama lesson plans. NO PREP REQUIRED (but there is an activity with the option to add music which needs to be sourced if you want to add music -optional)!


This drama unit comes with everything you need including extension and differentiation activities. Students explore physical and abstract theatre through well known fairy tales. Comes with an amended story extract (for psycho drama exercise), 3 original short scripts for in class acting performance and detailed instructions so you can implement a quality physical theatre unit. I've done your term planning for you so you can spend your time on other things! Suitable for various levels.


What is 'physical theatre'?

Physical Theatre is theatre/drama that focuses on physical movement over dialogue and puts the human body at the centre of storytelling.


Note on timing: you may like to take some of the activities slower than indicated. I have jam packed the drams unit on purpose (with options for extension activities) so you have plenty of options for dynamic classes.



  • 5 x 100 Minute Detailed Lesson Plans based on Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel
  • Homework Tasks
  • 3 Short Acting Scripts to perform in class (a script for 2 people, a script for 3 people and a script for 4 people). Find out more about the included SCRIPTS!
  • Additional and Extension Activities
  • Differentiation Activities
  • Assessment Template (for ease of marking)
  • Unit Reflection Handout


KEY DRAMA VOCABULARY: Character. Physical Theatre. Freeze Frame. Stereotypes. Drama Machine. Abstract. Movement. Script. Stage Directions. Status. Psycho Drama.


PHYSICAL THEATRE UNIT AIMS: Students explore physical and abstract theater through the theme of well known fairy tales. Students will:

  • Create drama based off classic stories
  • Create characters with the body and voice
  • Use physical theatre to show meaning
  • Use physical theatre in scripted performances
  • Rehearse and perform abstract scenes
  • Explore different uses of physical theatre
  • Establish a character using movement, gesture and facial expression
  • Use drama vocabulary
  • Use bodies and movement in interesting ways
  • Respond to stimuli
  • Use physicality to show status




"I like how I could use this as subplans and it was easy."


"This is definitely going to be the kid's favourite unit. This made planning easy."


"here is this fever that every hunter knows about and gets every time they scope up a deer they have been wanting."


"This was a life saver for a first year drama teacher!"


"I wish there was a little more introduction work to fairy tales and drama in the beginning, but the resource is comprehensive and easy to use."


"My students enjoyed participating in the activities. Thanks!"


"Detailed, thorough and easy to use. Thanks!"


"It’s creative! It’s fun! It’s engaging! And can be used Transdisciplanary!"


"My English students love hamming it up, and I love the no prep and the literary device skills they can practice. Excellent!"


"So helpful for a graduate teacher thanks"


"I had to take time off for my daughter's surgery and left this for my sub and they had so much fun with it!"


"I purchased this as part of my maternity leave subplans and the kids loved it!"


"Great resource for the beginning drama teacher or the experienced. Students loved this unit!"


"Did this unit with Grade 6s and they loved it! We all enjoyed it immensely!"


"I used this mid-semester for a middle school Drama class. The lessons are laid out in a nice sequence , and it is easy to tweak the activities to meet your students' needs. I like Drama Trunk a lot because there are a variety of activities included in each purchase which follow a logical sequence. Thank you!"


You can find more curriculum aligned drama lesson plans and units for Middle School and High School HERE!




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    This is a digital download (PDF) file only. This product is for personal classroom or homeschool use by a single purchaser only. You may not distribute, copy or modify this product other than for your own personal, non-commercial classroom use. © Drama Trunk.

    Full terms of purchase and use can be found here

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