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QUESTION ONLY SCENE is a fun and challenging improvisation game. It is suitable for middle school and high school students with some improv experience (it would be good if the players had experience in group improv scene creation).

​How to play question only scene



  • This drama improv game is played in small groups.


How to play this improv game:

  • In small groups, students must perform an improvised scene (try giving them a
    location as stimulus) where they are only asking questions.

  • The whole scene must be performed in questions

  • As students go out they must come up with an excuse and leave the scene until there is only 1 student left.

  • Students can go out for not talking.


  • Encourage all students to participate in the scene (enforce the going out for not talking rule - I like to give a warning first).

  • Keep practicing this game and the players will get better and better at it.

This improv game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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