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CLAY SCULPTORS is a funny improvisation game that encourages accepting. It is better played with groups that have some experience with improv, particularly devising scenes very quickly (I would suggest starting with and getting comfortable with the improv game 'Space Jump' before trying this game). 

​How to play clay sculptors



  • This is an improv scene game that is played with small groups (3 - 4 is a good number but 4 max).


How to play this improv drama game:

  • 4 students are the “clay” and up to 4 students are the “sculptors”.

  • The “clay” must stand onstage in a line with their eyes closed.

  • The sculptors are allocated one
    student each to model into a freeze. The sculptors must move the “clay” into a
    frozen picture which will then inspire a scene. They should try to work with the
    other sculptors to model their students into complementary poses (without talking). Encourage use
    of levels and space.

  • When the frozen picture is complete, the “clay” open their eyes and withoutmoving, evaluate the freeze for 5 -10 seconds before instantaneously breaking into an improvised scene based on the freeze.

Ideas for this game

If students are having trouble coming up with ways to sculpt the freezes, try giving them a LOCATION or MOOD drama card.

This improv game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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