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Drama Movement Activity: MIRROR

MIRROR is a good focus activity that also acts as a gentle physical warm up.

​How to do mirror



  • This drama activity is done in pairs (but groups of 4 for 'mirror groups' extension.


Instructions for this drama activity:

  • Students must face a partner and “mirror” their actions.

  • Encourage the leader to do
    big and slow movements and switch around so that everybody has a turn leading.

  • Prompt students to use their faces (do funny faces in slow motion) and to use every part of their body.

Mirror Groups

  • Similar to the last activity in that students must use the mirror technique. Except,
    this time they mirror in groups of 4 and add move throughout the space.

  • Explain to students that there should always be a leader but that the leader changes depending on the direction that the group is facing.

  • Students should arrange
    themselves in a diamond pattern, all facing the same way.

  • The forward-facing student is the first leader and the rest of the group follows their actions (mirroring) from behind.

  • When the front leader turns around, a new leader leads the group.

  • Students should try to move seamlessly from one leader to another.

  • For example: The front leader turns around 90 degrees to their right. The student on the right side of the diamond formation is now the leader and the group follow (mirror) that person.

  • The groups can walk (they do not need to stand stationary)


  • Try a whole class mirror activity, where different students have a turn of leading.

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