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Play 'paper rock scissors' in a drama game way. A silly drama game that will get students moving around.

​How to play evolution



  • This is a whole class drama game. It is suitable for medium to large groups and is played in any part of the drama space (but students need to be able to move around a little bit).


How to play this drama game:

  • Students play 'paper rock scissors' to evolve to the next stage. They should say the words 'rock paper scissors' while playing.

Evolutionary stages:

1. EGG: All students start as an egg. They must crouch down and find another egg to play 'paper, rock, scissors' with (they can move around while crouched around). Once they win, they move to the next evolutionary stage. If they lose, they must find another egg to play. There should be 1 egg stuck as an egg at the end of the game.

2. CHICKEN: Students must take on the characteristics of a chicken and 'cluck' around the space, walking like a chicken (with their arms shaped like wings). Chickens must play other chickens and win 'paper rock scissors' to move to the next evolutionary stage. Match losers must find another chicken to play. There should be 1 chicken left at the end of the game.

3. MONKEY: Students must take on the characteristics of a monkey and 'oooh oooh ahhh ahh' as they look for another monkey to play. Monkeys play monkeys in 'rock paper scissors' to move to the next evolutionary stage.

4. DINOSAUR: Students must stand up and 'roar' like a dinosaur, moving like a TRex type dinosaur (with claws). They must play other dinosaurs.

5. STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE: For the last stage (once they move on from dinosaur), I like to have students line up on a line and start singing the tune “Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart. Think it over”. Students are taught simple actions to go along with the song (hand forward on “stop”; move that hand around to the side on “in the name of love”; pointing forward on “before you”; breaking action with both hands on “break my heart” and rolling arms on “think it over”). It’s a nice last evolutionary stage as it adds a choral song and nice energy to the game. Students repeat the tune until the game ends. The game ends when there is only one of each evolutionary stages left.

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