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Bippity Bop (or "Bippity Bippity Bop") is one of my all time favourite drama games, perfect for a group warm up or end of class activity. This is a quick paced Drama Game perfect for fun and concentration and suitable for middle elementary (primary) through to high school.

​How to play bippity bippity bop



  • This is a whole class circle drama game. It is suitable for medium to large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • When first playing this game, the teacher should practice each part before adding them all together into the full game.

  • BIPPITY BIPPITY BOP: The teacher says “BIPPITY BIPPITY BOP” (quickly) while pointing at a student and the student who is being pointed at must say “BOP” before the teacher finishes saying the line. The trick here is to say "Bippity Bippity Bop" as quickly as possible.

  •  BOP: The teacher says “BOP” while pointing at a student and the student must say nothing. If the student pointed at starts to say “bop” or anything else, they are out.

  • The trick here is to get a good, fast flow to the game and to catch students out saying "bop" because the game is moving so quickly. Once objects are added in, the trick is to get students moving quickly and then catching them out on the "bop".

Bippity Bop Objects

  • Choose as many of the following objects to also add to the Bippity Bop Game. Teacher points at a student and calls out an object, and that student and the two students either side must quickly react to form the object before the teacher counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. It is suggested that you only use 1 or 2 extra things for the first time you play and get students used to the game by introducing 1 rule at a time (start by practicing “bippity bippity bop” then “bop” then add objects). If the students don’t react and create the object in time, they are out.

  • ELEPHANT: The student being pointed at makes an elephant trunk with their arms (and an elephant noise if you like) and the 2 people on either side must quickly become the elephant ears, shaping their arms on either side of the trunk.

  • WASHING MACHINE: The student in the middle “spins” as the two students either side create the walls of the washing machine

  • AIRPLANE: The student in the middle becomes the pilot, holding their hands to their eyes in a goggle shape. The two students either side become the plane wings, pointing outwards.

  • TOASTER: The student in the middle becomes the toast and the two students either side become the outside of the toaster. All three must duck down and the toast ‘pops up’ from the middle of the toaster.

  • ROLLERCOASTER: One student kneels in front, the middle student ‘sits’ in the middle and the third student stands behind. The middle student must put their arms up in the air and “scream” while the rollercoaster moves backwards, forwards, sideways.

  • HAWAII: Middle student does the hula and the 2 students either side become palm trees swaying in the wind.

  • CAR: Middle student takes the wheel of the car and “beep beeps” and the two students either side become the windscreen wipers.

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