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Drama Game: BING

BING is a fast paced and fun circle drama warm up which is good for focus.

​How to play Bing



  • This is a whole class circle drama game and can be played with medium or large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • In a circle. Pass a “WHOOSH” around the circle in one direction, making a clapping
    point action with both hands.

  • Once students are comfortable and the speed of the “whoosh” is faster, stop the “whoosh” and add a “bing” doing the same action but in the opposite direction and saying “BING”.

  • Practice sending the “BING” around the

  • Once students are comfortable you will send a “WHOOSH” around the circle
    one way at the same time you send a “BING” in the opposite direction.


You can add other sounds to this. You could add a 'zap' which goes across the circle.


Try to make it as fast as possible. I like this game for medium sized groups as I find if the group is too large, the game is too slow.

This drama game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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