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In this drama activity, students work together to create shapes with their bodies and develop pantomime skills. This is a great drama activity for kids of all ages!

​How to play living pictures



  • This is a drama activity that works well in groups of 4 (but can be 3 or 5).


Instructions for this drama activity:

  • Teacher explains that students must use their bodies to create objects.

  • In small groups (3-5) students work together to become different parts of objects.

  • For example, teacher calls out “roast dinner” and one student becomes a carrot (lying out long and straight), one student becomes the plate (making a circle body shape around the carrot) one student becomes the roast potatoes (crouching) and one student becomes the meat (making a meat shape).

  • Encourage students to think creatively and tell them that there are no wrong ways to create the objects as long as they are working together.

  • Give students a time frame and count down while they are creating the freezes

  • Provide individual group prompting as the groups create their freezes

Example objects:

  • Boat, Swivel Chair, Microwave, Letters


  • Add in sounds and repetitive movement.

This Drama Activity is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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