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Drama Activity: DRAMA FREEZES

DRAMA FREEZES are vital to drama activities and performances. Here are some drama freezes to practice creating characters and situations.

​Drama Freezes



  • This drama activity is suitable for all sized groups.


Hints for drama freezes:

  • For new groups, I like to have students 'shake things out' and practice just stopping on the spot before adding characters.

  • When practicing drama freezes I like announce the freeze and then count students in 3, 2, 1. I find that it is better to get students thinking and moving quickly into freezes.

Scenario freezes

  • You have just seen superman flying in the sky

  • You have just been splashed with mud

  • You are pointing to something interesting

  • You have a stomach ache

  • You are modelling for a photo shoot

  • You are being chased by a lion

  • You are in the middle of a big dance move

  • You are about to crash into something

  • You are looking up at a giant

  • You are getting dressed

  • You are eating messy spaghetti

  • You just stubbed your toe

  • You are singing in the shower

Or try these character freezes

  • Police Officer

  • Ticket Inspector

  • Body Guard

  • School Principal

  • Businessman / Woman

  • Burglar

Extension: 'Drama freeze and go'

Ask students to create a freeze and count them in to ACTION. On ACTION, students have to walk, move and talk or make sounds like the character or in reaction to the situation.

This drama activity is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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