What Are You Doing

What are you doing

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What are you doing is a staple Drama Game and a perfect starter to develop Improv Skills as it Prompts Kids to quickly create Scene Ideas.

What Are You Doing

This Game is a Kids favourite and is great as an improv warm up game for high school or primary. 

One student starts in the middle of the circle and is given “something” to do (e.g. getting ready for a big night out”). The next student enters and asks the student:


“What are you doing?”


The first student responds with a different activity (different to what they have been doing) and leaves the circle. The second student immediately starts acting out the new activity until the next student enters and asks “what are you doing?” They must then come up with a new activity. Encourage actions and words in the short improvised activities. For example, the first student is brushing their hair and the next student comes in and asks "what are you doing?" and the first student says something like 'riding in a bike race' then leaves. The next student immediately starts acting out a bike race scenario. 


Keep playing around the circle. 


Elimination in What Are You Doing


Once students get the hang of the game, start playing more quickly and eliminate students who say “ummmm” or repeat an activity that has already been said.  

Hints for What Are You Doing

Encourage students to start with simple ideas when they say what they are doing (such as brushing hair, riding a horse, getting dressed, putting on shoes, eating breakfast etc...) as it will get harder as the game goes along and ideas are eliminated. 

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