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WHAT HAPPENS NEXT is a great theatre game for 'accepting' and also gets the audience suggesting story ideas. It is better played with groups with some improv experience but is suitable for near beginner level and encourages idea suggestions.

​How to play what happens next



  • This is a scene creation drama activity that starts with 1 player but more players can join the scene as it goes along.


Instructions for this theatre game:

  • 1 student starts onstage and is given a scenario or task that they start acting out.

  • Teacher calls FREEZE and asks the audience “What happens next?”.

  • The audience tell the next part of the story and the student onstage unfreezes and continues with the scene, now adding in the additional part to the story.

  • Add more students into the scene as you go along.

  • Ask the audience to incorporate more characters into the story and pick students to fill the new roles.

  • The aim is to tell a coherent story and for the performers to accept the story offers and act it out. The game also encourages students to offer story ideas / scenarios.

This theatre game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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