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JOB INTERVIEW is a really fun improv theatre game that gets students thinking about characters and introduces the drama technique of 'hot seating'.

​How to play job interview



  • This theatre game is suitable for all sized groups.


How to play this theatre game:

  • One student (interviewee) leaves the room so that they cannot hear the character that they are assigned. The class (or teacher) decide on a job type that will be the focus of the interview.

  • The interviewee enters the job interview and sits on a chair facing the audience.

  • The audience then asks the interviewee questions to ascertain whether they are suitable for the job.

  • The key is to ask appropriate questions related to what that person / job
    is but not to be too obvious to give it away too quickly.

  • The teacher should lead the questioning and start with an example run so that the class understands good questions.

What is hot seating?

  • 'Hot seating' is a way to explore and discover a character and involves asking a character questions to find out more about them such as their background, motivations and behaviours. This technique can be used for any character and is an excellent way to develop characters.

  • Good 'hot seating' questions are the types of questions you might ask when getting to know someone.

How to do it

  • It's similar to this game except the person in the chair knows who their character is and the class asks them questions about themselves which they answer in character. 
  • The person in the hot seat must maintain their character (movement, body language, manner, voice etc.) and answer in role.
  • There are some common questions which can be discussed before starting (name, age, who do you live with, where do you live, favourite things to do, job, likes / dislikes etc. but it is also good for the teacher to demonstrate character / play context specific questions (such as things that have happened to the character) with the character and context in mind. This assists the character in the hot seat explore character motivation.


This theatre game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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