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Drama Game: KEY FOCUS

KEY FOCUS is as the name indicates, a drama focus game. I have always liked it for spacial awareness and connectedness as well.

​How to play key focus



  • This is a whole class circle drama game. It is suitable for small to large groups.


How to play this focus drama game:

  • Students stand in a circle.

  • Teacher places a set of keys (or something else but I find a set of keys is best) in the middle of the circle.

  • One at a time, students must look at the keys, then close their eyes and try to walk with their eyes closed into the circle and place their hand on the keys.

  • Encourage students to focus on the keys and “see them in their minds” before they close their eyes.


  • No counting steps / measuring distance

  • No diving at the keys or doing a general foot sweep. Students must purposefully and directly walk into the circle and put their hand on the keys

  • No feeling around with hands on the ground. Students must purposefully and directly bend down and place their hand on the ground where they think the keys are

  • They can then open their eyes and look to see how close they are once they have put their hand down.



  • Students won’t likely succeed at this the first time (unless its luck) but they will get better at it as they practice and will love this activity.

  • As students get better, start making the circle bigger.

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