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IF YOU LOVE ME HONEY, GIVE ME A SMILE is a classic drama game to get everyone laughing and practice keeping a straight drama face!

​How to play if you love me honey, give me a smile



  • This is a whole class circle drama game and can be played with medium to large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • Students stand in a circle and the first allocated person stands in the middle.

  • The first student in the middle must approach another student and say:


“Honey, if you love me, give me a smile?”


  • And without laughing or smiling (with an absolutely neutral expression), that person must say:


“Honey, you know I love you but I just can’t smile”


  • If the middle student manages to make a student smile, they switch places and the smiling student must try to get someone else to smile.

  • If they do not get a smile they must try someone else.


  • Absolutely no touching - the student in the middle must use their voice, facial expression, movement, focus and gestures to try and “crack” the other students into smiling/laughing.

  • The student in the middle, stays in the middle until they can make someone smile.

  • If someone doesn’t smile, the student in the middle must move on to the next student. They can’t keep trying the same person.


  • I find students take this game on very quickly and will naturally try different tactics to get a smile.

  • The general manner of the game (being students with their peers), makes students laugh.

  • Choose a confident student to go first.

This drama game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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