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Drama Activity: LOCATION PROPS

LOCATION PROPS is a good concentration game that also gets students thinking about drama environments and helps to develop pantomime skills. It's good with teens but can work with older elementary (primary) kids!

​How to play location props



  • This is an improv scene game that is played with groups of 4 or 5 students (but it can even be the whole class).


Instructions for this drama activity:

  • Students must enter the chosen “location” and, without saying what the object is,
    create / use an object that would be present in that environment / scene.

  • Each subsequent student that enters the environment must use the objects that were created before them by previous players (not necessarily in order).

  • This requires students to pay
    close attention to all previous students and attempt to recall all of the objects that have been created (and use them).

  • Each student also adds their own object.

  • At the end of the game, students should reflect on the location and what objects were created.

  • Less confident students should go earlier in the game so as to recall less objects (to begin with).

Example location prop scene

  • The environment is an OFFICE.

  • The first student enters and uses a computer.

  • The second student must use the computer and come up with a new object (let’s say, a pen).

  • The third student must use the computer, the pen and create something new.



  • It’s optional whether to have the scene in mime or not.

  • If the scene does have sound, students should not identify the item they are creating/using by name (i.e. “I am just going to use this computer over here”), rather, they can create a scene around the item.

  • For new and younger groups, try mime first.

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