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ONE WORD AT A TIME STORY is a funny theatre game that is also very useful for storytelling skills.

​How to play one word at a time story



  • This theatre activity is suitable as a circle activity for the whole class or alternatively in groups (4 is a good number).


How to play this theatre game:

  • The objective of this game is for the whole class (or small groups) to tell a coherent story “one word at a time”.

  • Around the circle (or lined up if small groups), students add a single word to an ongoing story.

  • Give students a topic or story title to begin with.

  • Remind students that they can start new sentences (often, single sentences can go on for too long).


  • This game can also be played as “one line at a time story”.

  • Each person must add a new sentence to the story, taking it in turns to create a coherent story.


  • Instead of one word or one line at a time, students tell a story until a new student is told to take it over.

  • The new storyteller continues the story until they ares witched with a new storyteller.

This theatre game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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