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SUPERHEROES TO THE RESCUE is a silly drama improv game, great for teens!

​How to play superheroes to the rescue



  • This is an improv game that works well in groups of 4 to 5.


Instructions for this drama improv game:

  • In groups of 4-5, one student starts onstage and is given a “silly superhero”
    character to play (“Lipstick Man” “Captain Coco Pops” etc.).

  • Have the class come up with a made up crisis (“All the chocolate in the world has disappeared” “a meteor is
    heading towards earth”). The crisis can be big or small (“you can’t find your shoes”).

  • The superhero onstage starts the scene explaining the crisis (they might start by
    watching the television and seeing the crisis in a news report).

  • At some stage the superhero comes up with a new silly superhero and says:
    “If only ....[superhero] was here to help me”.

  • The new superhero answers the call, enters and introduces themself and their
    special powers.

  • The two characters proceed with the scene, discussing how they are
    going to solve the crisis.

  • The second superhero then introduces a third superhero the same way:
    “If only ....[superhero] was here to help us”

  • And so forth until all the students are in the scene.

  • Once all of the superheroes are in the scene, they attempt to solve the crisis and bring the scene to an end.


  • If students are having difficulty coming up with new superheroes, allocate each student a silly superhero before they start.

This improv game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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