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WORDY CIRCLE is a great game requiring concentration. It can be a difficult drama game at first but absolutely worth the effort. It is suitable for high school or advanced middle school groups.

​How to play wordy circle



  • This is a whole class circle drama game. It is suitable for medium to large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • In a circle, all students raise one hand.

  • The teacher sets the first word category
    (i.e. fruit, superheroes, animals, colours, vegetables, furniture items) and starts
    by saying one word from that category and throwing the word to one student
    across the circle with eye contact and a pointing action (i.e. “apple”).

  • The receiving student lowers their hand and adds another word to the category
    (i.e. “banana”), throwing that word to another student with eye contact and a
    pointing action.

  • Students keep their hand up until they have received their word. This way, it is
    easy to identify who has said a word and who is left to ‘throw’ a word to.

  • Students must not repeat words. For example, there must be only one person
    who says “apple”. For this reason, its best to choose simple categories.

  • Students must remember their word in the category and who they ‘threw’ their
    word to. This will be repeated (i.e. my word in the fruit category will always be
    “apple” and I will always say that word to Suzy. Suzy will always say “banana” to
    Mike, and so forth).

  • The final student throws their word back to the teacher to complete the circle.

  • Repeat the category, throwing the same words to the same people in the exact
    same order. Start by using the pointing action (but eventually drop the action
    and just use eye contact).

  • Practice until the group is comfortable with the category and it is running smoothly.

Add in a second category:

  • All students raise their hands again and the teacher
    begins by throwing a word to a different student (if I threw “apple” to Suzy, I will throw the new category word to a different person – for example, “table” to Adam).

  • Complete the second category. The final student throws their new word back to the teacher to complete the circle.

  • Practice running the second category by itself.

Blend the categories:

  • The teacher starts the first category by saying “apple” to Suzy and then turns to Adam and starts the second category off, saying “table”.

  • The group must try and complete the categories, getting both categories back to the teacher.

Further instructions:

  • Students should keep repeating their word, looking at the person they throw it
    to until the person realises.

  • For example, I keep saying “apple” to Suzy, trying to get her eye contact until she gets it.

  • Students need to pay attention to both categories and be prompted when they
    hear their words (for example, Suzy knows that when she hears “apple” she
    needs to say “banana” to Mike and so forth).

  • Add in as many categories as the group is comfortable with.

  • Drop the hand pointing action and use just eye contact when the group gets
    better at the game.

  • Get faster and faster.

  • Start the category off again when it has come back to the teacher. You can go
    around as many times as you like but try to make sure that all categories come
    back to the teacher to complete the circles.

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