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PRIMAL SCREAMS is a good warm up to get the drama vocal cords working or wind down to release some energy.

​How to play primal screams



  • This is a whole class drama game. It is best played with medium to large groups and is played in a circle.


How to play this drama game:

  • One at a time, a student steps into the middle of the circle and does a
    large action accompanied by a loud sound (as loud as possible).

  • The student steps back and the rest of the circle copies the sound and action all together.

  • Students should be careful not to make sounds that could damage their vocal cords (it is important not to do high pitched screams - sounds are best made from the stomach).

  • I like to give a demonstration of this (without hurting my voice so at a lower volume but demonstrating the type of throat sound that is damaging versus a sound made from the stomach). While I give this demonstration I explain to students how they can hurt (and lose) their voice if they don't use it properly. It also doesn't sound  very good.


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