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Theatre Game: SLIDESHOW

SLIDESHOW is a fun theatre game that uses pantomime. It is suitable for middle school to high school students.

​How to play slideshow



  • This theatre game is played with 4 players.


How to play this theatre game:

  • 2 students are holidaymakers who are presenting a slideshow of photographs from their recent trip together (choose a holiday destination or special event).

  • As the 2 holidaymakers go through photographs, they must explain the frozen pictures that the other 2
    students have made, as if it were part of their holiday.


  • The 2 students making the frozen pictures (tableaux) must create a picture that can be interpreted. It can be an 'action shot'.


  • Dim the lights between photographs.

This theatre game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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