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Quick whole class drama warm up games

I have two categories for drama warm up games - general snappy drama warm up games and focus drama warm up games. Here are some of my favourite quick whole class drama warm up games in both categories!

Quick Drama Warm Up Games

Snappy drama warm up games

These games are perfect when you have a lot to do in a lesson and you want your students ready to go drama! Once your students know these games, they should be able to jump straight into them and they are suitable for any lesson and wide age groups.

  • What are you doing? You can't go past a quick round of the staple drama improv game 'what are you doing?' Play it quickly to get simple ideas flowing. Perfect for beginner improv skills but suitable for all levels.

  • Living Pictures. A fun physical game good for all ages! Students work together to create shapes with their bodies and develop pantomime skills.

  • Acceptance Circle. One of the best drama games. It's an absolute favourite and a good activity to teach accepting. It's also just really fun. Pick up the pace to get it moving quickly and its even funnier!

  • Group Freeze. Students work in small groups to create a freeze based on a location or scenario. Get them to break into an improv scene based on the freeze.

  • The Argument Game. It's sort of like 'what are you doing?' but a little different.

Focus drama warm up games

These drama games aren't as energetic but are good if you are looking for a less energetic but highly focused vibe.

  • Key Focus. Super focused and good for High School students particularly. A great drama game for focus, spacial awareness and connectedness.

  • Popcorn. A great focus warm up for drama - students work together to popcorn numbers in sequence using non-verbal communication.

  • Location Freeze. You can direct students to jump straight into a whole class tableaux. It's a good way to get them focused to task quietly and you can ask them to suggest a line each as well. Students create a frozen 'tableaux' that depicts locations, accepting offers and exploring imagery. I would follow this up with a shake it out physical warm up.

  • Ball Pass Mime. A good circle mime activity to develop pantomime skills and it's also a good warm up and focus activity.

  • Bing. A fast paced and fun circle drama warm up which is good for focus.

Check out my free drama games PDF's HERE!

Happy drama teaching!


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