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Drama for personal development

Updated: May 20, 2021

Not only is drama an academic subject, but it is also a tool for personal development. Here are some of the benefits of drama - and how drama promotes personal development in children.

Theatre Lights

It occurs to me that each of these points could be expanded, but there is plenty of literature on how useful drama is for personal development so for now I have just noted some of the ways in which drama promotes personal development in children.

Drama for personal development

  • Self expression

  • Giving voice to children and allowing them to express their feelings

  • Confidence

  • Presentation skills / public speaking

  • Asserting / discovering individuality

  • Working through self consciousness

  • Awareness and understanding of others (putting yourself in someone else's shoes - perspective and empathy)

  • Exploring teenage / adolescence issues

  • Encourages risk taking (in thought and performance)

  • Cooperation, teamwork, leadership

  • Spontaneity, thinking quickly and creatively

  • Critical thinking

  • Develops imagination and creativity

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Communication skills

  • Language use, articulation and speech

  • Fun way to express yourself

  • Seeing things in a different way / exploring issues from a different perspective

  • Promotes open discussion of topics / issues

  • Brings humour to real life issues and allows sensitive exploration of issues

  • Flexibility in thinking

  • Social development generally

  • Catharsis

  • Self awareness and self exploration

  • Analysing, developing sensitivity and perception to the world around us

  • Friendships

Happy drama teaching!


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