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Party Quirks

Party Quirks is a classic Drama Game. Teenagers love it and it will become one of your staple Drama Activities! Great for Characterization, Improv and Storytelling Drama Skills.

How to Play Party Quirks


One person plays the party host and a small group of guests are each allocated a secret quirky character. Each quirky guest arrives at the party one at a time and interacts with the host and any other guest at the party until the host guesses each character. As characters are discovered, they leave. Where someone plays an inanimate object (i.e. a mobile phone), the challenge is to humanize the object. For advanced groups, try not to be too obvious. Guests should arrive one after each other but give the host some time to interact with the guest before them. Encourage the host to question the guests to garner information and work with the quirky characters before they enter (secretly of course) to give them some ideas on how to portray their quirky character. Remind students that they are at a party, so dialogue and action should be centred around a party setting.

Party Quirks Character Ideas


Looking for Party Quirks Character Ideas? Check out this Quirky Characters Resource for 139 Party Quirks Characters on cards ready to print and go. These Quirky Characters can be used in so many ways on a set of Drama Cards you will use over and over again!

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