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Improv Game: SPACEJUMP

SPACEJUMP is a classic improvisation game encouraging 'accepting' and spontaneous scene creation.

​How to play spacejump


  • This drama activity is played in groups of 4 players.


How to play this drama improv game:

  • The first student starts onstage and is given a scene to start acting out. Examples:

    • You have just received great results and are showing your joy.

    • You are practicing dance moves in front of your mirror.

    • You are impatiently waiting for someone to arrive.

  • The 1st student starts playing the scene.

  • The teacher calls out “SPACEJUMP” at
    which point the 1st student FREEZES straight away.

  • The 2nd student enters and must
    create a new scene (not the same as the one the 1st student was acting out) inspired by the freeze. The 2nd student can enter, take a quick look at the freeze and then prompts the scene to life by making an offer of the new scene.

  • Both students then start playing out the new scene.


  • The first student is practicing dance moves. On SPACEJUMP the student freezes with their arm in the air.

  • The 2nd student comes in and takes position as if the first person is holding a knife towards them.

  • The 2nd student says “please don’t stab me” and the new scene starts.

  • The 1st student must accept the offer of the new scene and immediately take on the new character and scenario.

  • When SPACEJUMP is called again, both students FREEZE.

  • The 3rd student must create a new scene based on the freeze of both.

  • SPACEJUMP is called again and the4th student enters. The game should finish with a 4-person scene.



  • After the 4 students are onstage and performing the final scene, call SPACEJUMP REVERSE.

  • The last person to enter must leave and the remaining students must resume the previous scene.

  • The reverse should end with the first person onstage by themselves again, performing the original scene.

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