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BALL PASS MIME is a good circle mime activity to develop pantomime skills and is also a good warm up and focus activity. It's suitable for all drama skill levels and suitable for middle elementary / primary (years 3 or 4) up to the end of high school.

​How to play ball pass mime



  • This is a whole class circle drama game and can be played with small or large groups.


How to play this game:

  • In a circle, students pass a mimed ball to each other (only one ball at a time).

  • The teacher starts the activity, showing the size of the ball.

  • As the game progresses, the teacher adds in additional instructions and students respond to the instructions as the game continues, catching and throwing the ball as if it has taken on the new characteristics.

  • Encourage and demonstrate effective pantomime skills.

Mime ball characteristics:

  • The ball becomes heavier and heavier (until it is really heavy)

  • The ball becomes lighter and lighter (until it is light as a feather)

  • The ball becomes smaller (until it is tiny and it may also be light or heavy and small)

  • The ball becomes bigger and bigger (until it is huge and it may also be light or heavy)

  • The ball becomes slippery

  • The ball becomes sticky

  • The ball becomes hotter / colder

  • The ball becomes spiky

This drama game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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