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ACCEPTANCE CIRCLE is one of the best drama games (in my opinion). It's an absolute favourite and a good activity to teach accepting. It's just really fun. It may take a few turns for the class to warm up to it.

​How to play acceptance circle



  • This is a whole class circle drama game and can be played with medium or large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • Students stand in a circle. The teacher (or a student) does an action with accompanying sound (larger is best).

  • The next student in the circle has to copy the movement and sound and so forth around the circle.

  • Try to get the game to a nice pace.


  • Students must copy the movement and sound that the person before them makes, NOT copy the original movement and sound.

  • If someone makes a mistake, laughs or forgets something, clears their throat, shrugs etc... the action will have changed and it is up to the next person in the circle to copy EXACTLY what has happened before them, mistakes and all. This is where the game gets funny.

This drama game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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