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Physical Warm Up Drama Game: 7 UP

7 UP is a drama warm up to get students loosened up. It is a very simple activity and useful for play rehearsals or a physical warm up before performances.

​How to play 7 UP



  • This is a whole class circle drama game and can be played with small or large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • In a circle, everyone counts to 7 while waving one arm up and down to the same rhythm as the counting.

  • When the group reaches 7, do the same thing with the other arm, both legs, head and ankles (or whatever part of the body you want to warm up - make sure if you do the head, it is carefully).

  • After the group has finished the sets of 7, do them all again, counting up to 6, then 5 and on on until the set is down to 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.

  • The sets should be in the same order but get faster as the numbers count down.

Full body shake

Once the group has done the individual parts of their bodies - do a full body booty shake. This is fun to add in especially when the numbers start getting lower.

Hokey Pokey

Don't forget the silly and oft left to young children 'hokey pokey'. Sometimes I like to add the hokey pokey (parts of it) to this warm up.

This drama game is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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