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SWORD AND SHIELD is a fun drama game to get your class moving.

​How to play sword and shield



  • This is a whole class drama game where students will use the whole drama space. It's suitable for medium to large groups.


How to play this drama game:

  • Student's stand in a circle. Teacher directs the students to “secretly” choose two
    other students in the circle – 1 person as their “sword” and 1 person as their
    “shield”. Tell students to keep their choice silent and to not make it obvious who
    they have chosen.

  • On GO, students are to move around the room, keeping their “shield” betweenthemselves and their “sword”. Students should keep moving, making sure they know where both their sword and shield are at all times and always trying to keep the shield between them.Addition: Call out “switch”. Bombs become shields and shields become bombs.


Call out “switch”. Swords become shields and shields become swords.

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