Theatre / Theater Review (Senior School)
Template| Years 10 - 12
This 4 page handout (excluding cover page) is structured to assist students write their own detailed play review. Use the PLAY REVIEW NOTES to guide students in capturing their thoughts and feelings after a performance to then write a play review. After seeing a play, students complete the guided sections to discuss plot, direction, technical elements, and acting. Also includes links to 3 newspaper review sites (US and UK reviews but suitable for all to see structure and style) so that students can read some professional reviews before writing their own.
Note: Due to the different preferred spellings of theatre / theater, I have omitted the term and instead use "play" "show" "performance".
JUNIOR STUDENTS? Drama Trunk has a Junior Play Review handout available (3 page handout excluding the cover page). After seeing a performance, have students complete the guided sections to discuss plot, technical elements, acting and overall thoughts.

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