Status & the French Revolution
Drama Unit | 5 x 100 Minute Lessons| Years 7 - 11
FRENCH REVOLUTION STATUS Drama Unit. This is a fully detailed, curriculum aligned drama unit for Middle School and High School which provides you with 5 x 100 minute whole drama lesson plans. NO PREP REQUIRED! The French Revolution is a classic area of study and I have combined this with a unit on status in drama. While exploring the role of status in drama, students will learn about some of the major events of the French Revolution, how status was important and perform scripts about events of the revolution. This is a cross-curricular (or thematic) drama unit, combining history and drama for a rich, engaging learning experience. Students will love learning about the French Revolution this way and also explore an important drama concept - status. 

This unit comes with everything you need including full drama lesson plans, homework tasks, scripts, French Revolution handouts, status handouts and a drama unit assessment template. I've done your lesson planning for you so you can just print and go on a fantastic drama unit. Suitable for all middle school and high school levels. 

****HISTORY TEACHERS: Why not add some drama to your French Revolution lessons? Students will love performing the themed scripts and original drama activities (which are well explained). Why not add the revolution themed activities from this unit to your current French Revolution history curriculum for a dynamic unit on the French Revolution******

Note on timing: you may like to take some of the activities slower than indicated. I have jam packed the unit on purpose so you have plenty of options for dynamic classes. 

  • 5 x 100 Minute Detailed Lesson Plans with well explained activities learning about status and the French Revolution
  • Homework Tasks
  • French Revolution Handouts
  • Status handouts
  • Scripts to perform in class
  • Additional Activities
  • Unit Assessment Template (for ease of marking the drama unit)

KEY DRAMA VOCABULARY: Status. Manner of Speaking. Non-verbal. Meaning. Picture. Expression. Posture. Body Language. Traits. Levels. Space. Interaction. Role. Script.

UNIT AIMS: Students explore status issues from the French Revolution and how status is shown in drama. Students will:
  • Understand status and how it is shown through non-verbal indicators in drama (body language, interaction, movement, posture, levels, expression and space) 
  • Interpret meaning and imagine a story from levels, body language, interaction, posture and expression
  • Show changing status between characters
  • Use space to show status and give meaning
  • Perform various status scripts based on the French Revolution\
  • Explore manner of speaking as a way to show status and set perception
  • Respond to historical cartoons from the French Revolution, using them as stimulus to explore status and the life of peasants
  • Develop drama work that identifies historical belief systems and integrates historical context
  • Consider status when responding to drama
  • Start to recognise status as a storytelling device and the role of status in the  
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