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Improv drama lesson plan - social situations improvisation cards and activities. These cards have been created for use with various improvisation games and exercises include situation based improv prompts based on 'social situations''. Use the cards for spontaneous improv games where a prompt is needed or otherwise task players to come up with scenes or monologues based on the cards.

Use these fun 'Social Situation' cards (which act as an improvisation setting) with the following suggested improv games (instructions included in resource), use them to start scenes or to start any improvisation:

• Open Scene
• Evil Twin
• Musical Scene
• Double Figures
• Inner Monologues

The improvisation cards can be used in so many more ways and with different improv games and exercises! If you are teaching improv to middle school or high school or doing improv with adults, these improv cards provide instance prompts and hours of fun!
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