Introduction to Mime Drama Unit
Drama Unit | 5 x 100 Minute Lessons| Years 7 - 11
MIME Drama Unit. This is a fully detailed, curriculum aligned drama unit which provides you with 5 x 100 minute whole lesson plans. NO PREP REQUIRED! This unit comes with everything you need including sketch scenarios, drama cards, an original script, a whole class mime commentary and extension activities. I've done your term planning for you so you and have included detailed instructions so you can implement a quality mime drama unit! Suitable for all high school levels! 

Note on timing: you may like to take some of the activities slower than indicated. I have jam packed the unit on purpose (with options for extension activities) so you have plenty of options for dynamic classes. 

  • 5 x 100 minute detailed lessons 
  • Homework Tasks
  • Mime Emotion Cards
  • Extension Activities
  • Mime Sketch Scenarios
  • Whole Class mimed scene commentary
  • Mime Scene Scenario
  • Original Script to perform
KEY VOCABULARY: Mime. Gesture. Meaning. Facial Expressions. Body Language. Posture. Exaggerated Movement. Comedy. Attention to detail. Precise Movement. Focus. Character. Characterisation. Script / Scene. Stage Directions. Sketch.
UNIT AIMS: Students are introduced to and explore the performance of mime through guided drama experiences, devising and script performance. Students will:
  • Use facial expressions, body language and movement to convey meaning
  • Perform mime with attention to detail
  • Devise simple mimes
  • Use specific / focused gesture
  • Learn about famous mime artists
  • Work in groups to devise mime scenes
  • Communicate ideas using the body and movement
  • Use mime skills to enhance a scene with dialogue
  • Participate in a whole class guided drama experience
  • Devise, rehearse and present scenes using mime techniques
  • Use drama vocabulary
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