Introduction to Drama
Drama Unit | 6 x 50 Minute Lessons| Years 5 - 11
NOT JUST A BUNCH OF RANDOM DRAMA GAMES! This curriculum aligned drama unit has 6 x 50 minute detailed lesson plans (can be easily taught in double periods) to give students a solid start in their drama studies. The unit can also be used as a refresher to go back and cement foundation drama skills. It covers some basic and necessary drama techniques for successful study in drama.
This unit does include drama games but it is not a collection of random drama games thrown together to make a unit - it is a considered collection of drama games and curriculum aligned learning activities sequenced to teach foundation drama skills. The lessons include short homework tasks.
Note on timing: you may like to take some of the activities slower than indicated. I have jam packed the unit on purpose (with options for extension activities) so you have plenty of options for dynamic classes.
  • 6 x 50 minute lessons (can be taught as double periods)
  • Simple and short homework tasks
  • Improvised Scenes Poster (also available individually through Drama Trunk)
  • Additional and Extension Activities
  • Scene Starter Drama Cards
KEY VOCABULARY: Tableaux (still image), Freeze Frame, Drama Cannon, Narrator, Thought Tracking, Improvisation, Drama Games, Cooperation, Respect, Accepting, Offer, Blocking, Endowing, Building, Scene
UNIT AIMS: Students are introduced to and explore basic drama techniques and games.
  • Students are introduced to and explore the drama techniques of freeze frame, tableaux, thought tracking, drama cannons and using narration
  • Students are introduced to and explore improvisation through improvisational drama games and activities teaching accepting, offering, blocking, building and endowing
  • Students use freeze frames to depict personal stories
  • Students will demonstrate literacy in drama vocabulary
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