Improvisation Scene Starters

Improv Games and Activities | 53 Improv Scene Starter Cards

Improv scenarios by Drama Trunk. Looking for improvisation resources that are ready to print and go? Use these improvisation scene starters for any drama game where a simple scenario is needed. These improv scene starters are suitable for scenes where 1 person starts or where there are 2 or more players.

Use Drama Trunk ‘Improv Scene Starter’ Cards with the following suggested improv games (instructions included in resource), use them to start scenes or to start any improvisation.

• Space Jump
• What happens next? (a classic improv game)
• Understudy (another classic improvisation game)
• Freeze new scene

The improv cards can be used in so many more ways and with different improvisation games and activities! Help get improv scenes off to a great start with this wonderful resource!

YOU WILL LOVE THESE IMPROVISATION CARDS! Just print, laminate (optional) and cut out a set of versatile drama cards that you can use over and over again. These improv cards are suitable for so many fun improvisational theatre activities – including:

• Last minute improv games
• Improvisation warm ups
• Standalone Improv lesson plans for middle school and high school.
• Add the improve activities to your improv unit plan
• Teaching improv
• Team building
• Audition and rehearsal improv activities
• Substitute Activities / Cover Lessons
• Improvization prompts
• Improvisational comedy / sports competition activities

Combine the use of multiple cards for even more activities, challenges and ideas (you will have a HUGE amount of improvization activities ready to go when needed).
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