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This gibberish voice game is included in the FREE collection of drama games for teenagers (Middle School and High School).


Gibberish is a fun activity to develop pantomime skills and to think about use of vocal tone, pace etc. to tell a story. Gibberish stories is a fantastic voice game.

Students must use their voice in an interesting way to tell a story in gibberish. Start by practicing gibberish with them and lead with an example (gibberish is nonsense language using voice tone to imitate the tone of a lively and exaggerated conversation). It is also a good idea to have students practice their ‘gibberish’ with a partner. Ask them to tell their partner about their favourite movie in gibberish and to focus on exaggerated voice tone, pause and pace to imitate the rhythm of a lively and exaggerated conversation but in nonsense language. Different students will find comfort with different gibberish styles, some may even prefer just clicking sounds.


Whole class gibberish story


Stand the class in a circle. One at a time, students enter the circle and add to the story in gibberish. Students should use movement and facial expression and try to continue the story where it left off.


Gibberish Story Ideas: try a western or horror movie or retell a classic fairy tale in gibberish, standing in a large circle and taking in turns.

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