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Drama Movement Activity: FOLLOW YOUR NOSE

FOLLOW YOUR NOSE is a great drama activity to get teen students thinking about character movement.

​Follow your nose



  • This drama activity is suitable for all sized groups.


Instructions for this drama activity:

  • Students walk around the space in a large circle (but not in single line).

  • The teacher shouts different body parts that the students must lead with while they walk (nose, chin, stomach, head, knee, foot, left arm etc...)

  • I find it useful to instruct students to imagine that there is a piece of string attached to the body part pulling them along and to continue to remind students about the body part that is leading. I also find it useful to provide a demonstration and to spotlight different students.


  • Encourage students to start thinking of different characters that might walk that way. You can ask students about the characters as they are walking or alternatively comment on what type of character they may be portraying.

  • With a character in mind and still being led by the body part, ask students to take on the further characteristics of that character (refine).

Further extension

  • You can also add in Laban categories for movement (light, heavy, sustained etc...). This can be incorporated into making more refined characters.


This drama activity is included in the FREE Drama Games PDF which you can download HERE!

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