Introduction to Characterisation Drama Unit
Drama Unit | 5 x 100 Minute Lessons| Years 7 - 12
CHARACTERISATION Drama Unit. This is a fully detailed, curriculum aligned drama unit which provides you with 5 x 100 minute whole lesson plans. NO PREP REQUIRED! This unit comes with everything you need including detailed lesson plans, neutral scripts, an original character script to perform, homework handouts, character cards and a fakebook character template. I've done your term planning for you so you and have included detailed instructions so you can implement a quality characterisation drama unit! A fundamental area of drama study. Suitable for all high school levels!

Note on timing: you may like to take some of the activities slower than indicated. I have jam packed the unit on purpose (with options for extension activities) so you have plenty of options for dynamic classes. 
  • 5 x 100 minute detailed lessons with well explained activities in a well structured sequence
  • Homework Tasks
  • Character Cards
  • Additional / Extension Activities
  • Neutral Scripts
  • Original Script to perform
  • Fakebook social medaie character profile template
KEY VOCABULARY: Characterisation. Inner-thoughts. Movement. Gesture. Body Language. Frozen Image. Hot Seating. Roll on the Wall. Meaning. Stereotypes. Naturalistic. Caricature. Centre of Gravity. Neutral Dialogue.
UNIT AIMS: Students will identify and use a variety of drama techniques to create, refine and sustain original characters. Students will:
  • Work individually and collaboratively to apply a range of improvisation and other strategies to create scripted and improvised characters
  • Explore character’s inner thoughts and feelings
  • Explore how character affects dialogue
  • Convey emotion and character through frozen images
  • Use repetition and analysis to create and revise dramatic work
  • Perform rehearsed and scripted theatre work
  • Assist peers developing characters
  • Explore the issue of bullying through drama, using personal experience and knowledge to create a character
  • Demonstrate literacy in drama vocabulary
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